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UK DISCLOSURE, DECEMBER 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FORM 8.3PUBLIC OPENING POSITION DISCLOSURE/DEALING DISCLOSURE BY A PERSON WITH INTERESTS IN RELEVANT SECURITIES REPRESENTING 1% OR MORE Rule 8.3 of the Take Code (the “Code”1. REAL INFORMATIONS (a) PERSON IDENTITY, whose positions/transactions are disclosed:Glazer Capital LLC (b) holder or responsible for interest and short positions if this is less important than 1 (a): the designation of nominees or vehicle companies is not sufficient (c) the name of the supplier or offer with respect to the relevant securities that relates to this form: Form for each supplier/offereeUrban -Civic Plc (d) When an exempt fund manager associated with a supplier/supplier indicates the identity of the supplier/offer:NA (e) Date of the position held/managed:17 2020 (f) Has the reveler previously disclosed or announce this offer today, in accordance with the code, for any other part?NO 2. POSITIONS OF THE PERSON MAKING THE DISCLOSURE (a) interest and short positions on the relevant securities of the bidder being advertised, after trading (if applicable) Relevant asset class: 1p common interestsSeal-term positions Number of relevant securities held and/or controlled: (2) Derivatives (except options):2,411 .697 1.66% (3) Options to Buy/Sell: TOTAL:2.411.697 1.66% All shares and short positions must be disclosed. Information on derivatives positions or open options or agreements to buy or sell relevant securities should be provided on an additional Form 8 (open positions). b) subscription rights to new securities (including directors and other executive options) Relevant security category for which underwriting rights exist: information, including the nature of the relevant rights and percentages: where there are positions or subscription rights to be disclosed in more than one class of securities of the supplier or supplier covered in item 1 (c), Table 2, point (a) or b) must be copied for any other relevant category of security. DEALINGS (SI ANY) BY THE PERSON MAKING THE DISCLOSURE (a) Purchases and sales of securities in the category buy-for-sale Number of securitiesPrix per unit (b) Derivative transactions (except options) Category of the relevant security product description z.B CFDNature of trading z.B. Opening/closing of a long/short position, Increase/reduction of a long/short positionNumber of reference securitiesNumber per unit 1p ordinaryCFDIncreasing Long Position2,411,697GBP 3.4365 (c) Options transactions relating to existing securities (i) Writing, selling, buying or variation of relevant security product z.B. Call OptionsCrising, buying, selling, selling, variations, etc. Number of securities to which the option refers, Priority per unit Type.B.

American, European, etc. Expiration Date Payment/Obtained per unit (ii) Exercise Description.B of product Drawing, conversionDetailsPrice per unit (if applicable) Currency of all prices and other monetary amounts must be indicated. If more than one relevant class of securities from a bidder or a target bidder in point (c) has been negotiated, Table 3, points (a), b) or d) has been copied (if applicable) for each additional category of relevant security.4