Red Hat Satellite License Agreement

Support from RHEL6 and RHEL7 for the campus/company contract with Red Hat will not be renewed at the end of June 2019. Once this happens, your servers will still work, but you won`t be able to get any further fixes for RHEL6/7 without taking any additional action. To purchase a standalone Red Hat license subscription, visit and use the Red Hat Subscription (RHSM) system with your own account. This way, you can manage your own account and subscriptions. Campus clients receive free licenses for the duration of the license agreement. If you have a Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) account and have already purchased your own subscription, you don`t need to update your license. Please take a moment to confirm that your system patches are installed on a regular schedule. To convert the Cornell satellite server, you need to request a new license key for each server and set up each server to use the satellite server instead of the proxy server. You need a new key to use the Cornell satellite server. When you run Cornell`s Satellite Server installation program, you`re set up for automatic patch updates from the satellite server. The agreement was last renewed in 2019 and will be reviewed annually in August. Note: You must also receive your RHEL permissions/subscriptions via the campus site license and satellite service – the development program is simply a way to access knowledge base content without a Red Hat entry attached to the university account.

The Campus Red Hat Enterprise Linux service provides a mechanism for hosts based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to download installation media and obtain permissions, patches and updates. This campus service fails the need for different departments, colleges and schools to acquire Red Hat subscriptions. This campus service allows university-owned computers to install and execute an authorized copy of RHEL, as well as to receive, apply and manage the latest patches and updates for RHEL. In addition, campus-based servers that use this service do not use external bandwidth to receive updates. The campus has reached an agreement with Red Hat to allow campus departments, including individual students, teachers and staff with a valid CalNet ID, free access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) licenses. 1. Core Products centralized Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) Core Products: The ELA contains donation-scale authorizations in the standard level support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and RHEL Management and Provisioning Tools (Satellite). . In an operation as separated from the navy in accordance with the law. . General Information/Licence ContractConditions Option 2 Purchase of a Red Hat license subscription Your key is valid for use on a limited number of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.