Microsoft Agreement Management Tool

Of course, moving contract management to Office 365 and Azure means moving into the cloud. Five years ago, legal teams were concerned about cloud contract management. The reason? Control and security of contracts and related documents. These concerns have been mitigated in relation to reality, as companies gain experience on the platform – and Microsoft continues to focus on security in its first cloud strategy for mobile first. From a contract control and security perspective, consider the following. Software like Corridor Contracts 365 brings the potential of Office 365 to the needs of most contract management initiatives. In the case of a growing business, your compliance and legal services must take into account any new contracts in your organization. While adding new employees, suppliers, partners and customers to your growing list of contracts for your business is great, it`s not always easy to include these employees, suppliers, partners and customers in your growing list of contracts, but it`s not always easy to take into account all the furniture elements and personnel obligations. You understand that your current approach to contract management requires a change as your business continues to grow. So how can Office 365 serve as a platform for contract management? Special security measures are in place for Azure in the United States, Germany and China.

For the United States alone, Azure`s compliance services include FedRAMP and DoD Compliance Certifications, CJIS agreements at the national level, the ability to enter into HIPAA Business Association agreements and support for IRS 1075. Depending on the size and type of organization, contract management is carried out in a variety of ways. However, we offer at least one contract management system: take control of the lifecycle of contract management. Negotiate contracts with third-party legal teams with version control, redlining and track changes. Our Office 365 contract management add-in is designed to be easy to use and display all relevant information in real time. During the contract development phase, our add-in will guide your creative contract specialists through final approval. In the meantime, your general counsel and contract managers benefit from the dashboard in real time and track new requests, upcoming deadlines, planned renewals and expiring contracts. Our contract software solution provides contract managers with contract document management tools in a central repository of documents with roll-based access to signed contracts. Authorized users can search for contracts with company-specific metadata and view contract details. While Office 365 offers secure and comprehensive contract management features, software vendors that design Microsoft`s cloud offer significant benefits.