Locum Tenens Staffing Agreement

Details of how and when a doctor is paid must be specified in his Agreement of Locum Tenens. In general, suppliers receive a daily rate based on certain variables such as specialty and demand. It is also important to note that as an independent contractor, a locum tenens clinician is responsible for paying his own income tax. 4.) Cost of your contract locumens must also cover the details of the costs that will be covered by the institution or doctor. Expenses can include everything from ticket price, rental car, gas and hotel stays. The majority of our clients cover travel and accommodation costs, but the precise details of what this means may vary. That`s why it`s important to always make sure you understand what`s covered and what`s not, and to keep receipts for all travel expenses. Unlike other staff companies, Interim Physicians does not relocate our travel booking services. Our committed in-house travel staff uses an Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) certified program for booking travel, and all user fees for this program are paid by temporary physicians, never by our doctors or institutions.

This agreement (“agreement”) between THMED, LLC d/b/a Medestar (“Medestar”), a limited liability company in Delaware, and the aforementioned supplier (“supplier”) takes effect from the date mentioned above (“effective date”). 5.) Cancellations It is important that you understand what your duties as a locum tenens doctor are and what should happen if a contract is terminated, whether you or the client have terminated it. Cancellations are usually made with a 30-day delay by either the client or the doctor. In this time frame, no layer can be interrupted for no reason. A rather standardist clause is included in most agreements and is fundamentally dual. First, the provider agrees not to accept an offer of permanent hiring from the intervention agency in a specific geographic area for a period of time after the contract is concluded – unless the hospital, group, clinic or health care system pays a fee to the locumens staff company. If you are interested in following a chance of Locum tenens, there are important things to consider while you are working on the process.