Hat Hire Agreement

In this agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: Millinery`s rental prices are between 50 and 150 dollars. Some leases with a sale price of 450 $US from a sale price require a security obligation of 100 $US. This is reimbursed upon return of the rented property, unless no damage has been caused. Any damage is reimbursed and is involved up to the total selling price of the replacement, depending on the degree of damage. This is in addition to the obligation of safety. $50 Damage Insurance Repair (R.D.I) can be added to the rental fee. R.D.I. is not refundable on all coins. Full rental fees (including repairable damage insurance if necessary) will be refunded for cancellations made 14 days prior to the rental date.

8. Online loan fees for the hat/head are non-refundable The tenant`s commitments begin at the time the rented hats are picked up at our premises or another location agreed to by Willmott-Dalton Design and continue until they are returned to Willmott-Dalton Design. If you were the lucky winner of a HAT HIRE contest, the rental period is the same as any other three-day period. Credit card data is taken as a form of down payment and is only deducted accordingly after a contract signed between the tenant and Ultimate Design Hats. The pick-up day is considered the one day of your rental. Longer rental periods can be arranged if necessary for trips outside the city. An additional fee of $5 per additional day is charged. If the tenant cannot pay the repair or claim invoice within three days (even on weekends), the claims are forwarded the next working day to a third collection office. You agree to pay Willmott-Dalton Design`s collection fees (including, but not limited to, internal administrative fees, legal fees, collection fees and bank charges).

Any tenant in this situation will be excluded in the future from hiring Willmott-Dalton Design. The agreement determines the importance of replacing the object in question if it is lost, stolen or damaged (including dents, loss of decoration or water damage). . . .