Autopass Agreement

If you are travelling with your own car, you only need one contract – If I have a car passport contract with Fjellinjen (near Oslo) but want to travel to central Norway towards Bergen, do I need another contract with another company to get the discounts? Or is a contract enough? 4.1 The operator may make minor changes to the contract without notice to the customer. 7.1 The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with the operator at any time. The label must be returned to the operator as soon as possible after the termination of the contract. The deposit will be refunded. Claims for reimbursement against the operator are time-barred in three years. 2.2 The label must not be used in vehicles other than the vehicle on which the contract is registered. The label must be installed according to the installation instructions. 4.2 Significant changes to the contract may only be made as a result of administrative decisions or other exceptional conditions that are not the influence of the operator. Such amendments shall be announced no later than four weeks before the amendments come into force. Changes to fares and prices will be announced in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Norwegian Road Administration. 3.6 The operator may suspend the contract, see point 2.9. If you don`t want to use your label in a new car, you can cancel your contract and get your account back….